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Are the best pizzas just behind your windows ?

Are you tired of tasteless frozen pizzas ? Would you like to pick up your dinner right down of your building ? Since a couple of days, pizza César parks a truck  in front of residence I in the evening during the week.  

If you live in residence I or II you cannot have missed it. Since a couple of days there is a small truck parking in front of the entrance of residence I from 5:00 pm during the week. Italy-flag colored vehicle, aluminum chimney standing on the roof of the vehicle; this is definitely a pizza truck. Every residents of the campus can come and buy a handmade pizza. Regina, Calzone, Quatro Stagioni, Presto, Caramelo, this is not even the half of what pizza César proposes in his truck. No matter which one you choose, each pizza is sold for 10€ only. After an endless day of lessons and exams just pick up your pizza before heading to your room and enjoy a tasty pizza.

Traditional pizza, timeless success.

If you come from far away you may not know pizza César. This pizzeria is settled down in the valley of Gif-sur-Yvette. “Excellent pizzeria”, “delicious pizzas” and so many positive reviews on Pizza César. Everybody can’t be wrong on him. The generously garnished pizzas with quality ingredients (with mozzarella di Bufala for example) are highly appreciated by any food lover. These pizzas are now accessible to all our residents; just order what you like at the truck and enjoy the tastiest pizza of the city!


Campus life

Living in residence Césal means you access to a bunch of services designed for student life. Want to chill out with classmates and play a game of pool ? Residence features several assets so you feel comfortable like being at home. The monthly rent you pay includes services: some made for making your life easier, some made to guarantee you good living conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • "How to book a room ?"


    The regular way to book a room at residence Césal is to login on...

  • "What if I need help ? In case of an emergency ?"


    Césal staff is always here to help you out, whether you have a...

  • "How should I prepare my departure ?"


    Before leaving your room you have to write us a letter (and give it to us at...



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You are welcome at the reception in the hall of residence I, opened from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


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