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A new finish for residence IV

Since October 2018, several workers are busy painting the walls of the building 4C. You may have noticed them hanging into the nacelle. Buildings 4C and 4B will be soon wearing new colours.

If you are tired of the rough concrete finish of buildings 4B and 4C, you will be glad to learn that it is almost over. Since Monday, November 22, 2018, several workers hanging into a nacelle are painting the walls of these buildings. Building 4C is coated with dark gray paint while the 4B is coated with light gray, just like building 4A. 

It's like painting 27 basket-ball fields !

Painting buildings 4C and 4B requires more than 6,400 liters of paint, to coat some 11,400 m² of surface. Building 4C constitutes on its own 8,200 m² of surface to paint. Building 4B represents a mere 3,200 m². Overall, it's like painting 27 basket-ball fields! To perform this work needs more than 3 months. Workers are settled into a nacelle hanging at a height of up to 20 meters.


Campus life

Living in residence Césal means you access to a bunch of services designed for student life. Want to chill out with classmates and play a game of pool ? Residence features several assets so you feel comfortable like being at home. The monthly rent you pay includes services: some made for making your life easier, some made to guarantee you good living conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • "How to book a room ?"


    The regular way to book a room at residence Césal is to login on...

  • "What if I need help ? In case of an emergency ?"


    Césal staff is always here to help you out, whether you have a...

  • "How should I prepare my departure ?"


    Before leaving your room you have to write us a letter (and give it to us at...



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